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Hot Air from Climate Hysterics is Causing Global Warming

By August 18, 2023Commentary

Every year, the environmental whackos and the traditional media try to scare the hell out of us with lies about the climate.  I support all kinds of measures to improve the environment; I think we have an obligation to keep the world as clean and save as we can for all the creatures that live in it.  But the climate nonsense is about destroying the quality of life for every person on the planet.  The hysterics do nothing but tell lies, intentionally tell lies.  They are funded by rich people who want to keep even richer from so-called renewable energy subsidies.  (WUWT Post)

A big lie this summer is about how it is the hottest one ever.  This is a complete falsehood.  A reliable record actually measuring temperatures on any kind of a global level doesn’t even exist for 100 years.  Even during this period there have been hotter summers.  And the “proxy” record of temperatures clearly demonstrates that the earth has been far hotter many times in the past for hundreds and thousands of years at a time.  But the headlines never clarify this.  What they really mean is that this has been the hottest summer, this summer.

Other common lies are about more and stronger hurricanes.  Also simply untrue.  More floods and rainstorms?  Nope, especially after adjusting for what humans have done to create more and faster runoff in urban and suburban areas.  Rising sea levels?  Seriously, not one shred of evidence for any meaningful change in sea level, again especially if you take into account coastal subsidence.  Less ice at the poles?  No, in fact, despite Al Gore’s hysterics about the Arctic being ice free by now; the ice level is pretty healthy up there.   Natural disasters costing more?  Yes, but not because of more frequent or stronger ones, but because of the massive increase in the value of assets near disaster areas–checked on the value of housing on any coast lately–and in the cost of replacing or repairing those assets.  And recently in the news–more fires burning things up?  Again the actual evidence shows a decline in acreage burned, and every major fire inevitably has a human cause or component.  The Canadian fires exacerbated by bad government policies on allowing natural burning of undergrowth and very slow and inadequate response.  California fires caused by power lines.  Maui fire caused by failure to deal with invasive dry grasses, power lines and an insane refusal to provide water early on to stop the fires.

You get the point, and never lose sight of the fact that the climate hysterics are funded by rich people who cynically push these issues solely to get more slop out of the government trough.  For some more detail and a well-reasoned explanation of the warmth this summer, see this post from Watt’s Up With That, written by well-respected climatologists including Judith Curry.  Possible contributing factors like the very large South Pacific volcano explosion last year and changes in rules of ships using sulfur-rich fuels are discussed.  The latter is yet another example of an environmental change, which may be well-justified, having an unintended climate impact.  What is also clear, as usual, is that the climate is incredibly complex, with multiple interacting feedbacks, and changes that might initially be thought to produce warming actually creating cooling and vice versa.

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  • Mark says:

    Not only is every climate hysteric rich from getting money for being a climate hysteric, they are also bullies. Every last one of them. Thanks for standing up against these thugs and calling them out for what they really are – leeches on taxpayer subsidies.

  • John Sernett -Prior Lake Minnesota says:

    Anyone interested in learning about climate change from an objective expert should read Bjorn Lomborg’s book entitled “False Alarm”. It is an enlightening and sensible book by which all global climate policies should be enacted.

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