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Minnesota’s Population Issues

By August 17, 2023Commentary

I can’t mince words about our idiot governor here in Minnesota.  During the epidemic I lost all respect for him as he fully displayed his cowardly, weasely character–completely unable to cope with any crisis; and as I watched him orchestrate a futile campaign of terror about the epidemic and repeatedly lie about the data, particularly in regard to vaccine effectiveness.  He is a worthless piece of scum, who survives only because of teacher union and out-of-state rich people’s money.  He is fully worthy of the Incompetent Blowhard appellation.  Now, with the smallest of margins, he has undertaken a massive destruction of the state’s finances and a radical ideological approach to everything.

Fat Timmy thinks this has made Minnesota a paradise that everyone will want to live and work in.  The data, as usual, show him to be wrong.  The US Census Bureau recently released data on 2022 population trends, including components of overall trend.  As has been repeatedly pointed out and this new data confirms, conservative run states like Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia are rapidly gaining population, while the whacko left states like California, Illinois and New York are losing people.   (US Census Bureau Data) (follow the internal links)

According to this data, in the year ending July 1, 2022, Minnesota added about 5700 people.  The details are important.  “Natural change”, comprised of births and deaths, was a net 11,600 people.  Migration, the movement of people in and out of the state, both from other states and internationally, was a net loss of 5200 people.  But within that migration, the state lost a net 19,400 people to other states, while gaining 14,200 from international arrivals.  Those international arrivals likely comprise both illegal aliens and a large number of Somalis and other East Africans, for whom Minnesota is a prime landing spot.  In a two year period, Minnesota lost over 37,000 people to domestic migration.  Other data shows that this isn’t old people–it is primarily working age adults and families.  And like everyone else, they are going to states that offer more economic opportunity, lower taxes and less political craziness.

The net income and taxable income effects of the components of the state’s population change are obvious.  We are losing a lot of business owners and high-income people.  We are gaining a lot of people more likely to draw on public welfare programs of all types, and Minnesota spends a lot of money on that, with no auditing or checks.  It is a fraudster’s paradise.  The impact of this will inevitably be that taxable income and tax receipts will be down while spending has soared over 50% under the Incompetent Blowhard’s regime.  Once the effect of the epidemic aid to the states winds down, Minnesota will be in huge budget pain.

The movement of taxable income data from the IRS is delayed by a couple of years, but shows the impact of these migration changes to Minnesota.  The state Department of Revenue has current data, but has refused to release it, for obvious reasons.  Minnesotans are entitled to have that data on a timely basis so they can see the effect of Little Timmy’s blowout tax and spend budgets and his lunatic left policies.

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