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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 219

By August 16, 2023Commentary

More good news for cancer patients–because they were terrorized into missing needed health care, they likely got later diagnoses, will have worse disease and be more likely to die from their cancer.  A study in Lancet gives details on cancer diagnoses in the US during the first year of the epidemic.  There was a big drop in overall diagnoses, with a very large drop in early stage diagnoses somewhat, and unfortunately, offset by an increase in late stage cancer diagnoses.  (Lancet Article)

The experts behind Britain’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine have been writing about excess deaths and the need for an explanation for those that may not be related to CV-19 have written a series of posts on the topic.  In the latest they note how all of Britain had a synchronous excess of mortality early in the epidemic, but that after that, the excess deaths varied by region and discuss possible explanations.  Similar phenomenon occurred in parts of the US.  Almost certainly relates to transmission dynamics.  Read the comments to the post as well.  (TE Post)

One of the striking things about the CV-19 vaccines was how quickly the protection they offered against infection lessened, although the same is true, to a somewhat lesser extent, for prior infection.  On reflection, it seems the same with all respiratory virus vaccines, a fact I suspect we are about to learn again with RSV.  This meta-review confirms the pretty rapid decline in infection protection within 5 to 6 months.  Protection against disease generally held up better.  (Medrxiv Paper)

As readers know, I enjoy writing about all the good things that have come out of response to the epidemic, although I have yet to find one.  I do find lots of bad consequences, particularly to children, like this one noting that many children have still not returned to school, with chronic absenteeism far higher than before the epidemic.  Many of these children have been learing useful trades, like shoplifting, carjacking and drug dealing.  A shameful waste of human potential.  As usual, this hits poor and minority children worst, which somehow the whacked progressives who pushed these policies never seem to acknowledge.  (Fortune Story)

Won’t make any difference to the vaccine safety nuts, but yet another review of data finds no indication that CV-19 vax are associated with an increase in serious myocarditis in younger athletes or with sudden cardiac death and that myocarditis is more common after CV-19 infection than vaccination.  (BMJ Article)

Serious complications can follow any infectious disease episode, especially one serious enough to require hospitalization.  This study with the population of England examined risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes following CV-19.  There appeared to be a significant increase in that risk if you were hospitalized for CV-19, but a much lesser risk if you weren’t.  It also appears that vaxed people were less likely to develop diabetes, probably because they were at lower risk for serious disease.  (Medrxiv Paper)


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