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Ted Lasso Ropes Viewers in for the Last Time

By August 14, 2023Commentary

I enjoyed the first couple of seasons of Mr. Lasso’s excellent adventures in Britain.  It was a true feel-good kind of story dealing with a number of situations and emotional dilemmas faced by the average person.  No one knows how to tuck at your heartstrings better than Jason Sudekis.  Funny, more mature than most shows, uplifting in a way.  The third season was not quite the same.  In fact, while the heartstring tugging was there, it was more obvious, less subtle.  And the woke masters at Apple made sure their ideology came through loud and clear.  Like a lot of people I am simply tired of having that crap constantly shoved down our throats, into our brains, etc.

The obligatory gay relationships were featured, but we got more than the usual peek at the underlying agenda of those who insist that we all have to watch this.  It isn’t enough to be tolerant or “not care” if someone is not exclusively heterosexual, we have to “support” them.  What this really means, and it is the clear goal of the letter community, is that we have to simultaneously recognize them as victims and treat them and their lifestyle choices as special, they have to be celebrated.  So endless pride parades, accompanied by endless attempts to recruit young children to these lifestyles, because the insecurity of the letter community means it seeks constant validation, and what better way to get that than by confusing and indoctrinating children.

But we also saw the true hierarchy of the woke ideology.  The worst thing of all is to care about making money, to be a capitalist.  So even though a gay female relationship was featured; it fell apart because, wait for it, one of the participants was an evil, greedy venture capitalist.  You can be gay, you can be a reverse racist, you can probably be a pedophile, but you cannot believe that capitalism or being a capitalist brings good to society.  Nothing is worse than trying to be successful in private business and the big win for progressives will be to so destroy the economy that no one has a good quality of life.

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  • Barb D says:

    Funny you bring this up! I was griping about this exact same thing. Ted Lasso stopped being entertainment, and became a chore to watch. What a disappointment.

  • John Oh says:

    I often wonder if the progressives pushing so hard for all this will like the result. Normal people won’t be the only ones to freeze in the dark to save the planet from a non existent threat. It will be interesting to see who they decide to blame for their failings.

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