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High-income People Flee Minnesota

By August 2, 2023Commentary

I have several times posted on the movement of wealthy taxpayers from the Dem-led hellhole states to the conservative run ones.  It is bizarre when you think about it that these extremely high tax states have the worst services and quality of life.  But that is because all that tax money goes to teachers’ unions and rich contributors to the Dem party.  Here is another study, using 2021 tax year data, again showing the remarkable movement of income and wealth.  Tax returns for people with over $200,000 in taxable income were used for the research.  Note the usual outcome–between the 2020 and 2021 tax years, Florida got a net 27,000 of these high-earners and Texas 9,000.  California lost 45,000 and New York 31,000.  DC lost over 2000, but on a percentage basis lost the most high-income taxpayers.  The movement of this group has accelerated in recent years.  Seven of the top 20 states for in-migration are in the low-tax Southeast.  Most of the loss is in the Northeast, the West Coast and Illinois, accounting for all of the bottom five states.  And look at the Little Timmy Walz-led paradise of Minnesota, we are seventh from the bottom, losing a net 1450 taxpayers, which on a population rate, is even higher, probably in the top 2 or 3.  But you won’t hear lying Timmy boasting about that.    (SA Study)

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