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Coming Soon to Minnesota

By July 31, 2023Commentary

You won’t read or hear about it in the traditional media, but a massive migration of Americans has been underway, with people leaving the Democrat run states and going to conservative-governed ones.  This migration has been accompanied by a movement of taxable income which is damaging to the over-spending Democratic states.  As the excessive federal epidemic spending ends, with its hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to states, huge budget deficits are emerging in the Dem states, with California, of course, leading the way.  The response of these states will be to further raise taxes, driving even more taxable income out.  California is facing a deficit of tens of billions of dollars.  You can tax your way out of this situation and soon spending will have to be reduced, creating serious issues for the Dems as the dependent populations they have created rebel against loss of their leaching privileges.

Minnesota is heading the same way, taking a $40 billion surplus and spending all of it and then some on crazy programs.  The state is losing population, disportionately among the wealthy and working age families.  We will soon join California, New York, Illinois, etc. with a fiscal disaster.  This article indicates the states losing the most in taxable income and gaining the most.  Draw your own conclusions about which party runs which group.  (ZH Post)

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