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The Climate Change Hysterics Only Know How to Lie

By July 29, 2023Commentary

When the truth isn’t on your side, only one thing remains–lie, lie a lot, lie all the time, lie big.  There is no human-caused global warming emergency.  Any sober look at the data would lead to that conclusion.  But that doesn’t help rich people get more “renewable” energy subsidies from governments.  So they make up stuff to justify this enormous transfer of wealth from average consumers to the wealthy.  The medical community, which is going full whacked woke, is more than happy to do its part and contribute to the lies and misinformation.  Here is Lancet, a supposedly leading medical journal, producting an unbelievably slanted chart to supposedly raise the alarm about heat-related deaths.  Only problem is that the only alarming thing, aside from the incompetence of the medical researchers who wrote the article, is the death toll from cold.

You will note the difference in the chart as published for heat and cold deaths in Europe.  Incredibly, they use different scaling to create the impression that heat deaths are a big and growing problem.  This was immediately obvious to people reading the article and the chart below, which uses equal scaling, was published.  You tell me what is worse for people, cold or heat?  Looks like we might benefit if there actually was some global warming.  And once more we see that ideology triumphs any interest in truth.

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  • dell says:

    It is appalling this journal would make such a contrived presentation.
    I guess the Covid program has spread to other reporting.
    We can’t depend on any medical organization to inform the public. 🙁

    I couldn’t open the study.
    I wanted to learn how the report was made.

    It appears they merely performed a correlation study and used relative rather than absolute data. Easy to manipulate.

    Few as they are, it appears the warm southern Europe has more relative heat deaths than the cooler north. Gosh who would have expected that!

    Finally, they must have a taken a page from the Covid playbook because they used the term, “excess deaths”.

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