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Minnesota’s Education System Sucks

By July 29, 2023Commentary

For decades Minnesota has bragged about the quality of its public school education system.  There is nothing to brag about anymore.  The state Education Department is a cesspool of radical ideology and all it cares about is pushing this garbage on young children.  It could give a shit if they can read, write, do math or understand science.  And it shows–the state’s performance on student skill assessments has plummeted.  And to hide that, the state makes the standards easier to meet.  Look at this chart comparing the national reading level standards, formulated under the auspices of the federal Department of Education, which those used by Minnesota.  This is a blatant attempt to hide how little learning is occurring in Minnesota.  Minnesota isn’t alone in doing this, you can see that most states use standards lower than the national one.  And to be clear the national standard is not tough, it is easier than most countries in Europe, Japan or China use.  We have low expectations in this country, and even those aren’t being met. We are producting a generation of kids who don’t really learn anything except to hate their country and themselves.  It is frightening, alarming, despicable, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe what has happened.  Home school your kids or get them in a private school that is dedicated to teaching, not indoctrinating.  The data can be found here, and check out the whole website.  (AEC Data)

On the national standards, only 35% of Minnesota eighth graders read at expectations.  Using Minnesota standards, the level rises to a whopping 58%.  Either one is embarrassingly pathetic.  Minnesota has one of the biggest gaps between the national and state standards.  Minnesota also spends a fortune on public schools, and just increased spending enormously.  We are getting nothing in return, but confused, brainwashed children.  You will also note that Florida, which prohibits indoctrination, and spends much less, does as good (or as poor) a job as Minnesota.

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