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Minnesota Blackout Alert

By July 24, 2023Commentary

Minnesota, and most of the surrounding states are going to have an extremely hot week.  Due to our stupid energy policy, the risk of brownouts and blackouts is elevated.  Whacko climate hysterics never tell you that the wind blows less when it is very hot, although wind power production is always highly variable and undependable, and they don’t tell you that extreme heat also lowers the efficiency and generation of solar cells.  Nuclear, gas and coal just chug right along, and we still have some of those in the state.  But in a year or two we won’t have coal and gas will be limited.  If this heat wave happens then, there won’t be anywhere near enough electricity.  Minnesota already depends on importing power to make up for its own inane policies.  But when the whole region is very hot, there is less power available for everyone and the grid freaks out; that is when the blackout risk is very high.  So prepare yourself.  Personally, I hope it happens, as apparently most people won’t appreciate the lunacy of current policies until they see the consequences.  Dave Dixon will be putting together charts as we go along here.

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