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And Speaking of Heatwaves

By July 24, 2023Commentary

The climate hysterics want you to believe that every bad thing about weather is due to a warming climate, which is caused by human releases of CO2.  None of that chain of reasoning is true.  One current claim as we have typical heatwaves in many areas of the country, including Minnesota, is that there are more heatwaves and they are more intense.  Fortunately there are still a few brave souls capable of actually looking at data and telling the truth.  This post from Climate Realism demolishes the heatwave.   The hysterics response to these analyses is always to claim they are done by climate deniers, although how you deny climate is beyond me.  But this data is official government data, so hard to argue with it.  Read all the graphs carefully, what you will see is that the number of very hot days has not overall increased, it is up in some places, down in others, as you would expect.  No overall change in maximum temperatures, some increase in minimum temperatures, but that is an urban heat island effect.  And if anything, the chart on heatwaves, shows a decline from earlier decades.  So as usual, the whackos just lie.   (CR Article)

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  • Ray V. says:

    Thank you for being a voice of sanity and empircal facts. The data doesn’t lie.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    Yes, but look at the map. Outside of the 4-state desert area, all of the increase in heat waves are either on the East Coast or the Left Coast. You know, where the IMPORTANT people live.

    Much like the massive smoke from the Canadian fires we had here in NW Wyoming early this spring that went completely unreported, it ONLY matters when a place like NY Effing City is adversely affected; then it’s front page news.

    I swear I hear about every frickin’ thunderstorm that hits NYC, but it takes an EF-4 tornado before they’ll report on weather elsewhere. The one-week stretch last winter where we stayed below zero, including -35°F with 40 MPH winds that winter-burned ever Austrian Pine in sight? Zero coverage…forget it, Jake, it’s flyover country.

  • Lee says:

    Just reading on Hunga Tunga eruption. Something this massive could actually affect climate

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