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The Truth About Minnesota

By July 23, 2023Commentary

The Incompetent Blowhard, Little Timmy Walz hisself, prevaricates constantly, he has never met a lie he wouldn’t repeat.  He tries to claim that Minnesota is a paradise of woke policies that businesses and people can’t wait to move to.  He lied about a CNBC ranking, claiming it said Minnesota was on the top ten list of states for business and the economy.  CNBC, which is the sister station of MSNBC and just as full of woke garbage, actually did several rankings.  In the one on how good a state’s economy was residents, all the top ten states were places like Texas and Florida–Minnesota was nowhere to be seen.  Another survey was basically a ranking of how “inclusive”, i.e., how whacked, a state’s policies were.  Minnesota was in the top ten on this, along with other loser Dem states.

Funny thing is that the US Census Bureau keeps track on an annual basis of the changes in population in each state.  Please refer to the chart below of population changes in 2021 and let me know where it looks like Minnesota is to you.  Sure looks like the state lost 46,000 residents.  On a percent of population basis this is even worse than the raw ranking.  So yeah, Timmy, you keep lying and Minnesotans will keep moving.  I guarantee you the 2022 and 2023 will look even worse for the state.

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  • Charlie says:

    I wonder what’s in common about 9 out of the 10 with the highest net out migration?

    I wonder if my governor (not to be out done by Timmy – hey, can we trade?) will take up the chant “We’re number one!”.

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