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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 216

By July 20, 2023Commentary

Yet another piece notes that there still is no evidence that masks work to limit transmission or seriousness of disease from CV-19.  (Spiked Article)

And more evidence of the negative effect that lockdowns had on the mental health of young people.  More children had ER visits for mental health issues, more ending up being admitted for inpatient care, and there were longer stays.   (JAMA Article)

According to this research older adults had as significant a T cell response to vaccination as did younger people.  But having a breakthrough infection boosted the response even further.  These were quite elderly people so it is of some interest that the T cell response even in this group was strong.  (Medrxiv Study)

This study suggests that hospitals did great financially during the epidemic as the federal government grossly overpaid them for treating CV-19 patients, and the hospitals’ made sure every possible patient tested positive so they could get those extra funds even though they didn’t have to do anything extra for a lot of these patients.  (JAMA Article)

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