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CV-19 Deaths

By July 19, 2023Commentary

The media couldn’t wait to hype the CV-19 death toll as part of their hysterical approach to the epidemic, which helped them get more readers, listeners and watchers and thus more revenue from subscription fees and ads.  They were beyond thrilled to do their part in terrorizing the population in the interest of making more money.  Now that the epidemic is over, they are backtracking on the death toll, including the NY Times, an execrable publication that routinely ignores facts and science, but took note of in a broader article of recent research indicating that many deaths attributed to CV-19 had nothing to do with it.  That research was in the journal Clinical Infectious Disease.  The authors did a record review on patients who had a CV-19 diagnosis within 30 days of death to ascertain whether the deaths actually were related to the CV-19 infection.  In January and February of 2022 only 69% of these deaths were actually related to CV-19, 55% as a cause and 14% as a contributing factor.  By June through August of 2022, only 47% of the deaths were actually related to CV-19; 22% as a cause and 25% as a contributing factor.

It is very clear that what we suspected all along from other data was absolutely true–a very significant portion of deaths attributed to CV-19 had nothing to do with it.  And that exaggerated death toll was used to terrify people, which in turn did lead to suicides, drug overdoses, and missed health care, which itself caused deaths and worsening disease.  It was disgraceful and inexcusable and it would be nice to see apologies from entities like the NYT that so eagerly pimped the terror campaign.  (CID Article)

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  • joe Kosanda says:

    As I have previously stated, I have been dubious of the studies that show being vaxed have little effect on reducing transmission of covid, yet do have a positive effect on reducing severity, reducing hospitalization and death. Granted, I am aware of the multitude of studies which indicate that being vaxed does reduce the severity. The primary reason, I have been dubious is the 4x-5x increase in the death rate for the unvaxed /65+ age group during the nov 2021-jan 2022 time frame vs the Nov 2020-feb 2021 time frame (two of the larger peaks of covid ).

    Further, I acknowledge that I am likely in the minority with this observation.

    that being said – any thoughts or insights if the coding for cause of death had a bias if the death was for an unvaxed person versus a vaxed person. As previously noted, the subset of the over 65 and unvaxed was very small such that small errors in the data would translate into relatively large percentage changes for the unvaxed.

    Again any insights (and I accept that I may be reaching erroneous conclusions with incomplete data)

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