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Crazy People Lie About Gender Treatments

By July 16, 2023Commentary

There is NO science behind the bizarre notion that sex is just assigned at birth, or that there is any difference between sex and gender.  You are born male or female, period.  What stupid stuff you do after that is, well, stupid stuff that you do.  Except when it comes to children, who are having stupid stuff foisted on them.  And there is absolutely zero evidence that the radical, destructive and irreversible medical treatments being pushed on children have any medical or mental health benefit.  Quite the opposite, these treatments screw with the body’s natural hormones and other biochemical makeup and lead to serious physical and mental health problems.  The mental health ones are exacerbated by the underlying denial and attempt to change who you are, the very core of anyone’s identity.

Several prominent endocrinologists took exception to the lies being pushed by the transgender whackos in a letter to the Wall Street Journal.  They point out that in Europe, rationality has taken hold since they actually tend to pay a little more attention to science and realize there is zero evidence of benefit from the radical treatments.  Children who supposedly have a gender issue are treated as mental health patients and the underlying issues addressed, not some phantasm of gender dysphoria.  In polite terms, the doctors signing the letter call the transgender whackos in the US liars.  And they are, but even worse they are disgraceful human beings chasing the almighty dollar by ruining children’s lives.  Talking about you Children’s Hospital of Minnesota.  (WSJ Letter)

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    This is insane that high quality organizations like Children’s Hospital and Mayo Clinic would perform things like this. Crazy that people who spent 12 years post-high school going to college, medical school, and residency would do things like this as well. It’s not like there’s not enough for demand for legit medical services already where they have to start inventing conditions to get paid. Shame on them.

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