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Gender Disaffirmation and Sexual Mutilation, Part VI , What’s It All About

By July 12, 2023Commentary

I want to end this series of posts by again emphasizing what this issue represents and why it is so important.

1.  The notion that gender and biological sex are separate concepts is completely unsupported by any research and is merely an ideology that, as usual, derives from the absurdity of today’s academia.

2.  This ideology has been pushed by segments, but not all, of the letter “community” because like all movements they have no future unless they continue to ask for ever more extreme changes in society.

3.  There is a transgender ecosystem that exists to benefit several constituencies, none of which give a damn about the welfare of children:

a.   Health care providers, who always salivate at making more money from anything.  For them, this is a lifetime of revenue from patients whose mental and physical health they screw up while getting paid to do so.  They typically make no effort to offer intensive mental health services to these patients, or to provide comprehensive data regarding risks or obtain an adequate consent.  These providers are completely disregarding the actual welfare of the patients.

b.  Teacher unions and school administrators, which are always looking now to indoctrinate children in anything that turns them into Democrat voters, which allows the unions to maintain power and get more money for teachers and for the union officials.

c.  Certain foundations and non-profit organizations that provide funding to schools and other groups to push this ideology and in turn get grants from governments and other groups, including teachers’ unions.

d.  All of these constituencies are linked into a web that provides funding and training to schools and health care providers to identify susceptible children, indoctrinate them without informing their parents, deliver them to health care providers who will mutilate them, and provide funding and manufactured outrage to stop any efforts to control the indoctrination or the barbaric medical procedures.

4.  Most people, including me, don’t care what adults do in regard to their sexuality, but regard changing gender as evidence of a serious mental health issue, likely attention-seeking behavior, and generally self-destructive. Particularly for young adults, this is a dangerous life-altering road to go down.

5.  Pushing this nonsense on children, however, is the crux of the issue.  It involves not just the mental and physical welfare of the children, but parental rights and the role of the family.  The pushing of this ideology is causing immense mental health harm to the children exposed to it.  And the gender dis-affirming care which results from pushing this ideology on children has been demonstrated to make no difference in reducing mental health issues and likely exacerbates them as well as causing major physical health problems.  Minors should be viewed as incapable of consenting to this care and when such irreversible consequences ensue, no one else should be able to consent on their behalf.

6.  Gender ideology is just one prong of an attack, led by good-for-nothing academics, to overturn the basis of western societies which have produced the greatest advances in human quality of life in history–to eliminate democracy; to do away with private property and business; to end freedom of thought, speech and action; to minimize the role of families; and to treat children as the property of society who are to be indoctrinated from a very early age to support the totalitarian rulers of the society.

7.  The “progressive”  thinkers and leaders who push gender ideology and other aspects of the movement to destroy current Western democracies are completely regressive in their disregard for improving the quality of life, are totalitarian in their approach to governance of a society and are wholly immune to consideration of any data, science, research or perspectives other than that which arises in their owned warped minds.  They cannot be reasoned with; they must be fought, defeated and isolated from any meaningful role in society and removed from every institution in the country, starting with the universities.

8.  If you care at all about our children, you must take up an active role in opposing the pushing of gender ideology on children through schools and health care professionals.  You must stand up for the rights of parents to determine when, what and how their children are taught anything about gender or sexuality.  There are organizations you can support and who will support you in this fight.  We must eliminate this pernicious and destructive ideology now.

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  • MLR says:

    And it doesn’t help when the Marxist/Democrat/Hate America Party and our kakistocracy endorses transgenderism as a civil rights movement.

  • JT says:

    I might have missed this in your series of posts, but there’s sensible evidence that many of the children falling prey to these bastards are challenged by other ‘on the spectrum’ disorders. Of Autism’s many layers, one main one is always the social inabilities to navigate interaction and ‘fit in’ to groups. This, combined with the normal puberty cycle and poor parenting, open the door to these wolves to take advantage of them. Now providing what appears to be a logical reason for their feelings and doubts in the form of being the ‘wrong gender’. You get many social ‘points’ in the schools now for conforming to this garbage.

    There’s a new book out, can’t recall the title, that provide parents with a good legal tool kit to go on offense with the schools and layout a set of protocols for their child’s integration/interface with the school systems, IEP-style. Apparently having this in place before your child starts school removes all of the school’s ability to hide information from the parents. You’re the lawyer :-), maybe a validation of this concept would help others?

  • Larry Fitz says:

    What used to be accepted in Biology and Medicine as “truth” and legitimate avenues of research activity has been totally replaced by woke misinformation and silencing of any opposition. A good review of the underlying biology of the gender issue and other topics can be found at:
    Th reality is that both science and medicine are being transformed from the inside by those scientists indoctrinated with new ideologies by our Universities.
    Just like climate change, scientists in these research and health professions work to marginalize and exclude any opposing views.

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