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Gender Disaffirmation and Sexual Mutilation, Part 5 What Should You Do

By July 11, 2023Commentary

As I mentioned at the start, the one thing pro(re)gressives are very good at is calling things the opposite of what they are, in order to impart a positive connotation to a dreadful policy.  So it is extremely important to never for one second accept the language used by the whackos and to always use language that describes in brutal detail exactly what the policy is.  This is gender disaffirmation and sexual mutilation, pure and simple, that is what it really is.  It is teaching children to hate they way they were born and to take actions that will ruin the rest of their lives, irreversibly.   And there is definitely activity in many schools designed to recruit children to a certain sexual orientation.  It is grooming, it is recruitment.  Use accurate language, it drives the whackos crazy.

If you are a parent, the most important thing you can do is proactively teach your children to be happy with being a boy or a girl, to afirm that biological core of their being.  Then you need to warn them about what they might encounter in school and other places.  It is sad to have to do this but your children need to know that may hear this garbage and they can’t trust it and they can’t trust people who spread it.  You need to be sure they know to tell you everything that happens in their school and that they  especially tell you anything that a teacher or staff tells them not to tell their parents.  I can not emphasize enough the importance of proactively combatting this with your children.

Support organizations that are trying to fight to protect children. A few rich whackos are spending tens of millions of dollars to spread this garbage in schools, aided by the teachers’ unions.  But there are some brave grassroots groups attempting to fight back.  They need any monetary support you can provide and your vocal support.   MomsforLiberty is a prime group to follow and help.  (MOL Site)   A similar group in Minnesota which is working to keep schools boards from pushing this garbage and ensure that children learn what is important for a good opportunity in life is the Minnesota Parents Alliance.  (MPA Site)

Let local, state and federal politicians know how you feel.  In particular, support a Parents’ Bill of Rights, that ensures that parents get full and timely disclosure of activities in their schools and that no information about what is happening with their child is withheld from them.

Parents and taxpayers have the right to know what is going on in schools.  The Upper Midwest Legal Center helps with lawsuits and a kit on how to demand disclosure of documents and information on what is going on in your local schools.  It is important that everyone get involved and make the powers that be aware that someone is watching and willing to challenge their destruction of children’s lives.   (UMLC)

And along those lines, here is what you should be asking for, indeed, demanding disclosure of:

1.  Any and all material in school libraries on gender identity, sexual orientation and similar topics.

2.  Any grants or donations that the school has accepted in regard to gender identity, sexual orientation and similar topics, giving the amounts or the material donated, the organization or person who made the donation and the purpose of the donation.

3.  All training materials of any type and in any form that are given to or used with teachers or staff, including trainings sponsored by teachers’ unions.

4.  All material relating to the recruitment of teachers, the questions asked during interviews, all requirements to be hired, scoring sheets for candidates, etc.

5.  Any policies on disclosure of information regarding a child to the child’s parents.

6.  Any interactions of any type with health care providers or any organization or person in regard to gender confusion or sexual orientation.

If you don’t get the information when requested, sue.  You should get attorneys’ fees for the lawsuit.

Be sure you fully check out any teacher, principal, staff member, school board members or any other people who have an influence at what happens in your local schools.  Google them, find them on social media and see what they are putting up.  Make sure everyone is aware of the personal or official positions of these people that might influence what they are saying to or presenting to your children.  If you have a child in a school and aren’t comfortable with the teacher or the classroom, demand that your child be placed with a teacher who you are comfortable with.  Write letters to teachers and principals stating that you don’t want your child exposed to the gender confusion nonsense or to material on sexual orientation.

It doesn’t stop with teachers and school boards.  Be sure you check out the school counselers, any staff in after school or extracurricular programs.  Check out your child’s physicians, in this world, everyone is a potential spreader of ideological racism, gender confusion and a potential recruiter for certain sexual orientations.  It is sad but you cannot be too careful with being aware of and controlling what your child is exposed to.  For their sake you have to be involved and you have to fight to protect them.

Finally, if you find pernicious activities and the school won’t stop them or at least keep it away from your child, sue.  Children who are happy with their gender or their sexual orientation are being discriminated against.  They are in a hostile environment, they are made to feel like they aren’t special.  So sue, claiming discrimination and creation of a hostile environment.  If schools are going to have pride activities and celebrate gender confusion, they need to also celebrate being heterosexual and happy with your biological sex.  So get a lawyer, make some money, and make it hard on the schools.  Lawsuits also mean that they won’t get insurance coverage for this nonsense, and that too will force them to stop it.

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