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Gender Disaffirmation and Sexual Mutilation–Part 2, How Did We Get Here?

By July 8, 2023Commentary

In the first post I teed up the issues and gave a brief background of where the gender ideology nonsense came from.  To effectively fight the sexualization of children, you have to understand why we are where we are.  How and why did this gibberish get mainstreamed into schools and pushed on very young children.  The answer, as usual, is extreme left-wing progressives’ insatiable appetite for power and control.  As we know every institution in this country has been corrupted by radical ideologies, starting with the universities, which then turn every student in every discipline into another vector of the disease.  Education has been a primary focus of the corrupters–who want to ensure that every teacher is indoctrinated or forced to push ideology on students.  Those students will then become Dem party voters and help the whackos who now run the Dem party obtain and retain power; power which they use to attempt to force the entire country into their totalitarian vision of control of everything people think, say or do.

So obtaining political power is a primary objective of pushing the whacked ideology.  And the earlier you can get to children the better.  They are more vulnerable, more susceptible, more trusting of those who appear to be authority figures.  The teachers’ unions are intentionally targeting very young children with their ideological crap of all types.  They spend big bucks to get school boards elected which then roll over to whatever teachers’ want and that hire administrators who are equally ideological.  What is happening is no different than the state’s belief that it owns children in Nazi Germany, or China today, or Russia or Iran or North Korea.  The teachers’ unions are primarily an arm of the Dem party and their job is to create new crazy Dems and perpetrate power.  You can’t wait until college or even high school to ensure that the job gets done right–you have to start with the very youngest children.

And to ensure that your brainwashing is effective, you have to separate children from their parents; you have to create distrust of parents.  Parents are the enemy to the teachers’ unions.  They have become increasingly overt about this.  The Presidementia recently explicity said to parents–“they aren’t your children”.  States are passing laws to take away parental rights and to literally take away children if parent’s don’t accept the indoctrination, including the gender ideology.  All part of the political plan of the Dem party.

And if you have any doubt about the teachers’ unions full-throated endorsement of the sexualization of children, confusing them about their core gender identity and promoting certain sexual orientations, go look at the National Education Association website.  (NEA Site)  And if you want to see something even more frightening, check out the Association of School Psychologists and its current head–these are the people who are supposed to help your children with mental health or behavioral issues.  You can just imagine what they actually push.  (NASP Site)   Or look at what the American School Counselor Association thinks is appropriate for your children.  (ASCA Site)    Among other things, these groups think it is appropriate for very young children to be shown pornography, as long as it is gay pornography.  When you read about books supposedly being banned, go look at the actual books discussed–you will horrified that anyone thinks it is appropriate for children to be exposed to this trash.

And part of the reason that teachers and school administrators focus on ideological indoctrination of students is because younger teachers in particular are increasingly incompetent.  They can’t teach what they are supposed to.  They don’t know how to write, how to teach critical reading skills, they don’t know math or science, they don’t know history.  They don’t know anything but the ideology their tiny brains were filled with at university.  So all they can teach stuff is that garbage.  And the results show.  American students have a declining ability to read, to do math, to understand science, and they certaintly aren’t taught to think critically or to challenge authority–in this case authority being their teachers and school administrators.  China is leaping ahead of us, as are other countries.  And don’t think that Russia, China and others don’t secretly fund and encourage the indoctrination and the subsequent division that causes in the US.

Another factor that can never be understated is money.  Teachers want power primarily so they get higher salaries and tremendous benefits and retirement plans and can never be fired no matter how incompetent they are.  Publishers make a fortune selling gender ideology crap to schools.  Consultants get paid big bucks to proselytize for this gender ideology.  A few rich people have foundations that bribe schools into spreading the bilge with large grants.  But the huge money is made by providers with their gender clinics.  Here is a report on the money being made just on surgeries–the totality is multiples of this and it is a lifetime of expense to patients and revenue for providers.  (Spending Report)

A whole eco-system is devoted to identifying susceptible children, confusing the hell out of them and their parents, and creating lifelong patients.  Very expensive surgery is just the start–these children are going to have mental and physical health problems forever.  It is a gold mine for providers.  They don’t give a damn about children but they love the money.  In my home town, the woefully misnamed Children’s Hospital in Minnesota, part of the Allina system, is a perfect example of this.  They have a huge network designed to ensnare vulnerable children.  Here is a summary of a Project Veritas investigation in which doctors blatantly discuss the economic advantages of persuading children that they are transgender.  The article also describes how vulnerable children are targeted, particularly those who may be autistic.  (ZH Post)

Finally, the role of the letter community also has to be examined.  As with any movement, it can never be satisfied with winning a few objectives, it must push on to ever more extreme measures.  Transgender recruitment is the current fad, although it has split the letter community, with some of the more traditional gay members aghast at the hijacking of the movement by the transgender nuts.  We have gone from non-discrimination to attempting to indoctrinate and sexualize young children.   If you think that the next step isn’t to legalize pedophilia and to force children to experiment in school with gay sex or changing genders, you are wrong.  It is already underway.  The number of instances of teachers and school staff abusing children has soared, and that is just what is reported.  (Fox Story)  At some point broader society has to say enough is enough to any movement; and here the lives of children are at stake.


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