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Gender Disaffirmation and Sexual Mutilation, Part 1–Background

By July 7, 2023July 9th, 2023Commentary

I have been working on this for a while and trying to strike the right tone.  I realized that some of my hesitation was because the whacked pro(re)gressives refer to every position they don’t like as a phobia or a hatred.  And I typically am not deterred by that so I am not going to be in this case either.  I have seen some crazy shit from the whacked progressive community, but the pushing of gender confusion and sexual mutilation on children has to be by far the most despicable.  This is not just the toleration but the mandating of widespread sexualization and sexual abuse of children, and is linked to trying to force sexual orientation choices on young children.  As Elon Musk recently said, this should be, and in a rational country would be, treated as criminal conduct and the perpetrators jailed indefinitely as a menace to society.  So for me and for most Americans, what this transgender insanity is all about is protecting children and protecting parents’ rights.  That is it.  Whatever bizarre and goofball behavior adults want to engage in is often pathetic and stupid, but they are at least nominally adults.  What is being perpetrated upon innocent children is completely different.

Two things the lunatics are good at–one is making up absurd euphemisms in regard to insane policies and the other is violently assaulting anyone who objects to the insanity.  And the so-called transgender community, which appears to be just a mob of violence-prone nutcases, is the epitome of these two characteristics.  Gender-affirming care?  Seriously?  Telling a young child or an adolescent that they aren’t really a boy or a girl, that a doctor just “assigned” that sex or gender to them at birth, and that they probably are really some other gender, of which there are apparently 487–that sound like a sane and logical approach to a healthy childhood?  And we wonder why mental illness rates have soared among children.

So let us be very clear about one item from the start–there is absolutely zero science supporting this gender garbage. There is lots of science and obvious common sense finding that there are two biological sexes and everyone is born one or the other.  Attempting to separate gender from biological sex is bullshit; it is rank sex and gender stereotyping, which I thought we had ended.  Whatever your biological sex, you can engage in whatever behavior you want.  If you are a boy and like to play with dolls, so what.  If a girl likes sports and playing with trucks, so what.  But not anymore, now, to the transgender nuts, that is a sign that you have to change your biological sex.  The insanity of this cannot be overstated.

And it should not surprise you to learn that the originator of the gender ideology is a professor named John Mooney, who is an abuser and a pedophile, a data falsifier, and one of the scummiest human beings ever to live.  So he is a perfect role model for the progressive academics who have picked up on his data-free nonsense and spread it throughout universities in the US and from there into classrooms and schools.  You can read about the disgraceful Money (an appropriate name as it turns out),  who opened the first gender treatment clinic in the US at Johns Hopkins, here.  (Spiked Article)  And you can find on YouTube a series of interviews on the Oprah Winfrey show with his primary victim, which will break your heart.

Somehow despite this horrific history and the lack of any research or data to support it, this gender ideology garbage has been mainstreamed into many schools and fed to children as young as pre-school and kindergarten.   What adults choose to do is one thing, although young adults are also vulnerable to the medical/gender confusion industrial complex and its insatiable desire for revenue.  But what is being done to children is despicable and intolerable and we all need to fight it with every fiber of our being.  And in the following posts, I will explore the actual research and what you can do to help fight the sexualization and ruination of our children.

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    How any sane person could actually believe any of this gender nonsense is beyond me, but when it’s taught to you at a young age and you grow up with it as a belief (without actually thinking about it) it’s hard to be convinced otherwise later on. MN State Senator Steve Cwodzinski (D-Eden Prairie) was previously an American Government teacher at Eden Prairie High School for 30 years ( and was likely teaching his students this nonsense, along with a whole lot of other nonsense about all sorts of things. In the most recent legislative session, his crowning achievement was mandating that tampons be put in boys bathrooms at all MN schools because “boys can menstruate too”.

    How a very well-to-do community like Eden Prairie could hire this lunatic to teach their kids for 30 years and then later elect him (sorry, I’ll assume this individual goes by he/him/his as his pronouns) as their state senator is criminal. Eden Prairie was a very nice community 30 years ago that was on the outskirts of the metro that attracted a lot of upwardly mobile families and was heavily Republican not long ago. It still is a fairly nice community, but fear for its future.

    Tim Walz was once a high school social studies teacher and a lot of other elected officials that believe in this nonsense were once teachers and now there’s an entire generation of kids that have been taught by these teachers. Unfortunately, the chickens are now coming home to roost.

    • PatM says:

      Duluth Guy, I’ve resided in Eden Prairie for over 30 years and as you say, the political scene has totally changed in that time. As has the 3rd Congressional District, which used to be safe Republican (or at least RINO). When Cwodzinski was still teaching, I took an adult Ed class on World War I from him. Many of the adult students had taken classes from him in High School and apparently thought he was great. If they and their parents still reside in Eden Prairie, I’m sure they vote for “Mr. Cwod” based on his reputation as a good and fun teacher. They may not really realize just how radical he is (giving them the benefit of the doubt). I’m afraid he won’t be defeated any time soon. By the way, the class was a disappointment—he seemed rather disorganized and unprepared for any questions.

  • Keith Spennewyn says:

    Excellent article and approach.

  • Tom Heller says:

    i completely agree with your assessment and your tone is perfect. The parents of these children have a responsibility to protect them and while many seem to be awakening to the threat there are still too many who don’t seem to be as concerned as they should be.

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