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Medicaid Annual Report

By July 6, 2023Commentary

As with Medicare, there is a federal commission supposedly tracking and making recommendations on Medicaid.  Medicaid provides health coverage to people who supposedly otherwise couldn’t afford insurance.  It has grown to be huge and includes 11 million people who also have Medicare coverage.  The biggest issue I have with Medicaid is that it provides people who pay nothing with gold-plated coverage that is far better than the coverage employed persons typically have.  That simply isn’t fair.  And we can’t afford it, so sooner or later the program will be severely cut back, which will help get a bunch of people who don’t work because why should they, back on the jobs rolls.  The federal commission, as you might imagine, has a different slant, very concerned about equity and ensuring that as many people as possible keep their gold-plated coverage.  Worth a skim to see how the feds tend to look at Medicaid, but likely to upset you to see how much money is spent, often on recipients who simply don’t want to work.  (MacPAC Report)

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