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?Que Es Mas Atractivo? Florida o California?

By July 1, 2023Commentary

Gavin Newsome took a really bad state and made it far worse, and now he prances around the country trashing Florida, auditioning for a presidential run when Bidementia finally comes to a screeching halt.  A recent poll from California contains really bad news for Gruesome Newsome, as it shows what the residents of the state he governs think about it.  The California Community Poll finds that 88% of residents are dissatisfied with the cost of living in the state, which has the highest utility, food, transportation, shelter and every other kind of cost in the nation.  43% of Californians think the state is on the wrong track, compared to 28% who think it is on the right track.  Most Californians don’t feel safe.  And in a bizarre display of mental incongruity, while 26% say they are very happy living in the state and 45% somewhat happy, 40% also say they are considering leaving the state, with 61% of those saying it is because the state is too expensive and 27% because the state’s political climate is whacked.  The state is very diverse, but not everyone seems to feel that has ended discrimination or ensured people are treated equally.  Quite the contrary.

The sad reality for California is that hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the state, while hundreds of thousands go to Florida and Texas.  People are and have voted with their feet.  Newsome may want to spend more time in California and deal with his state’s problems.  (Cal. Poll)

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