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A Weird Factoid for Your Holiday Enjoyment

By July 1, 2023Commentary

Not sure how to explain this, but the research appears solid.  Obviously, as the authors say, needs some followup studies, but it looks like the shingles vaccine may help prevent dementia.  People have suggested before that some vaccinations may have a more general beneficial effect on health, including limiting dementia risk.  The cause of dementias continues to be poorly understood, but as with many diseases, pathogens may ultimately be found to play a role.  The current study used an interesting design involving people who fell on either side of an age threshold for the vaccine in Wales.  Those who were eligible and got vaxed, even though being only a month or so older than those who weren’t, had a much lower ultimate incidence of dementia.  Who knows, but its interesting.  (Vax Article)

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  • Jim P says:

    The article was not linked, but I have seen some of these studies regarding the link with lower risk of dementia and Chickenpox/Shingles vaccines. If memory serves, the benefits were only linked to females. If true, what could the explanation be for this?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      not sure what the explanation would be in general. females have more dementia, but that is probably because they live longer. If anyone ever figures out what actually causes dementia, might know why some things may limit its occurrence

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