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Climate Models Are About as Good as Epidemic Ones

By June 30, 2023Commentary

Willis Eschenbach does great and creative work on climate issues.  He takes the real, actual data and shows how it is manipulated by the climate hysterics and what it really says.  Willis is the alarmists nightmare because he has math and computing skills far greater than they do and lacks their ideological bias to twist everything.  In a lengthy article, he examines the core code in a common climate model created by NASA and finds that the code doesn’t even embody accurately basic physics concepts.  Then the model output looks whacked, even to the hysterics, so they stick work-arounds into the code instead of figuring out why it got a bad output to begin with and fixing that.  This is an easy to read short article that anyone can understand.   Bizarre.   (NZW Article)

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  • John Oh says:

    “All models are wrong” George Box said this back in 1976 to point out the limitations of modeling. I don’t think it has changed much. He later said “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” This is my first objection to all the climate stuff. It’s based on models. Sorry, not convincing. Not to mention what’s being modeled: a system with infinite variables and doing it was suspect data. Thanks for the Eschenbach link.

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