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Hailing Renewable Energy

By June 29, 2023Commentary

This is truly hilarious.  A bunch of environmental whackos funded by billionaire dilettantes never affected by the policies they push is leading the country to electrical disaster by banning fossil fuels and relying solely on unreliable, expensive, un-green solar and wind power.  There are so many deficiencies with these policies it is impossible to list them all, but one that should be pretty obvious is that they are exposed to the whims, and she can be quite whimsical, of Mother Nature.  And Mother Nature apparently could give a shit about renewable energy sources.  This isn’t the first time this has happened, and wind turbines are equally vulnerable, but here she is doing her best on a solar panel facility in Nebraska.  Totally wrecked in a couple of minutes by hail.  Guess that facility will be even less reliable than usual.  Don’t worry, the rich people behind it already got their subsidies from the taxpayers so they don’t care.  And rich people keep backup fossil fuel using generators so they aren’t worried when the grid goes down.  They sit drinking their $500 a bottle white wine and laughing about how they fleeced the peons again.  (WUWT Post)

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