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And You Thought I Was Kidding

By June 28, 2023Commentary

When I said that our completely idiotic and amoral governor, with a little g because he has none, The Incompetent Blowhard hisself, Little Timmy Walz, didn’t care about the working people, businesses and taxable income leaving the state, because he thought he could generate revenue from killing viable babies up to and past birth and by encouraging the sexual mutilation of children, you may have thought I wasn’t serious.  Here is the proof from the moron’s administration, as laid out in a Powerline Blog post.  Read it and weep, weep hard.  We can’t sink any lower. This is the only group that our whacked governor thinks would have any interest in coming to Minnesota, so they can see unlimited debauchery and child abuse.  Great.  Rational members of the letter community are likely as embarrassed as any other sane citizen would be.  (PL Post)

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