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A New Candidate for Dumbest Piece of Research

By June 27, 2023Commentary

And of course this comes from the “social sciences”, which aren’t sciences and where currently anything goes–people literally just make up data all the time and get it published.  This study claims to associate the level of “electoral democracy” in a state with mortality among working aged adults.  Now, electoral democracy is certainly a very precise, well understood concept, right?  Well, these guys used some made-up swill called the state democracy index and claimed that states with higher scores had fewer deaths, whereas those with lower ones had more deaths from suicide, homicide, and drug overdoses.   You look at the raw data and you see that the state democracy index is specifically designed to endorse democrat voting policies, so all Republican states have low scores and all Dem ones have high scores.  The paper underlying the index explicitly negatively demeans Republicans and praises Democrats. (Grumbach’s lying paper)

The supposed analysis of death association is screwed up too–Dem run hellholes have far more homicides and drug deaths than do Republican states.  This will tell you all you need to know about the study, it was funded by a left-wing foundation and written by whacked progressives.  Date, logic, truth are not necessary in research done by these types because their ideology is inherently correct.  Just another piece of garbage by people who wouldn’t know how to do good research if they got a million dollars from it.  And Milbank is a disgrace for publishing it.  (Milbank Article)

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  • Don Ackerman says:

    I almost applaud the bad work as it makes it more and more people obvious
    what is happening. How can anyone not understand how Chicago is deeply Democrats and deeply in trouble?

  • Harley says:

    Thanks for heads-up, I was just going to renew my subscription.

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