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Minnesota’s Inevitable Decline Is Just Beginning

By June 26, 2023Commentary

The Twin Cities has a complete moral collapse, as we saw in some of the photos and videos from the pride parade, many of which involved children.  Beyond vomit-inducing to a normal human who cares about children, but apparently didn’t bother Little Timmy, particularly since he gets big bucks from the letter mob.

But more important and my ongoing topic is the economic calamity unfolding in real time.  Here is a Zero Hedge post describing the “urban doom loop” that is affecting the Midwest’s cities, just as it has devastated the coastal ones.  The epidemic and work from home may have freed people up to consider moving from these hellholes, but the underlying problems are why residents want out, suburbanites don’t visit and there are no tourists.  Crime, filth, bad infrastructure, unchecked homelessness and harassment; all enough to make anyone give up.  According to the information in the post, Canadian researchers using cell phone data calculated the proportion of pre-epidemic vists certain cities are currently experiencing.  Minneapolis proudly sits near the bottom at 41%.  Not a ringing endorsement and this includes kind of forced participation like sporting events located downtown, where most people have season tickets.  True voluntary visits would be even lower.

The post focuses extensively on Minneapolis and features quotes for boy-wunderidiot Mayor Jacob Frey, who has presided over the precipitous decline of the city.  Even he acknowledges that at least 25% of pre-epidemic workers will not be back and that there is a massive overhang of unused commercial space.  Minneapolis has been able to prop itself up with epidemic funds, but that is running out.  As more residents and businesses flee, the spiral downward is inevitable, not helped by the recent legislative session insanity.  (ZH Post)

And here is an interesting data source describing net business gain or loss in various states.  Guess where Florida, North Carolina and Texas rank?  Guess where Illinois, New York, California and Minnesota rank?  Which group would you rather be in.  Now this isn’t business closing or going bankrupt, this is business leaving a state and going elsewhere, just like people do.  In sheer numbers, as you might expect due to their size, California, New York and Illinois are the biggest net losers.  Florida, North Carolina and Texas are the biggest gainers.  On a population rate basis, Idaho, Nevada and Florida were the biggest net gainers and Illinois, New York and California the biggest net losers.  Minnesota is a net loser, ranking 37% overall, but that will shortly get far worse.  This isn’t just businesses leaving–is jobs and taxable income.  But the whacked pro(re)gressives in Minnesota said we don’t need those.  (ZH Post)

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  • Bill says:

    I follow a blog written by Star-Trib columnist James Lileks. One of his weekly features, as he is an architecture connoisseur, is to document the extensive high-rise residential construction ongoing in downtown Minneapolis. I find it odd, given the purported dire state of the center city, that this construction apparently continues unabated and wonder what your thoughts on it are. There’s obviously a robust market for what appears to be high-end condos and apartments within the downtown area. Thanks.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      thank you for reading. Most of these projects were approved and financed some time ago, I doubt they would be today

  • John Oh says:

    All of this will be taken care of after the 2024 election when the democrats will win everything and then bail out all these cities and states and if you don’t like it, too bad. And I think they will win by encouraging illegal aliens to vote. All the NGOs will be using motor voter and making assurances that all is good. Hope I’m wrong.

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