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Happy Late Fathers’ Day

By June 26, 2023Commentary

Pro(re)gressives never want to address the real cause of social problems in the US, they prefer delusional ideology.  One obvious and growing issue is the number of children, who then become adults, who never had a consistent father or male involved with them as they grew up. Over 18 million children currently live without a father in the home.  This is particularly devastating for black children, of whom over 50% live with only a mother in the home. And often even when fathers are in the house they spend too little time with their children.  Children from single-parent homes are twice as likely to have mental health and behavioral issues.  They are less likely to do well in school.  They are more likely to commit crimes, including far more likely to be school shooters.  Study after study demonstrates the widely divergent outcomes among children with and without a father and still it gets ignored.   There should be a national campaign to make fathers be responsible and involved or pay the cost to society of their lack of involvement.  (AFPI Brief)

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  • Bill Kesting says:

    Thanks for the prescient and much needed post on the lack of fathering and by extension, manhood in general. Frankly, IMO, a national campaign will do nothing, without a resurgence and commitment to teach/train the skills and examples to follow here. Here’s one solution. This is not that political, but does provide a theological premise and proposal for regaining a model for manhood that is needed. I recommend it.

  • Dave K says:

    I learned this a few decades ago but back then the male prisons were 90+% filled with men from fatherless or abusive-father families. And there’s a direct correlation of broken minority families after the gubment became the daddy.
    I don’t know your personal situation but, if it fits, happy belated Father’s Day to you too.

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