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What Systemic Racism in Law Enforcement?

By June 24, 2023Commentary

The Minneapolis Police Department is being further demoralized as our complete douchebag of an Attorney General, Merrick Garland, continues to run the Department of Justice as a politicized vehicle to ruin the rule of law, and makes a grandstanding play to declare the MPD almost irredeemably racist.  This would be funny if it weren’t so damaging to the citizens of Minnesota and elsewhere.  The reality is that African-Americans extremely disporportionately commit crimes, particularly against other black people, but are now disproportionately less frequently arrested, prosecuted and sentenced, leaving those criminals of that race free to continue victimizing law-abiding citizens of all races.

The truth is hard sometimes and everyone is afraid to speak this truth.  Failure to speak and acknowledge truth means things aren’t addressed and things don’t get better.  We have a problem with black youth in particular committing crimes.  This is not due to racism–it is due to social problems like not having a father around or otherwise having disengaged parents, and to a social attitude that currently excuses the criminal behavior.  Anyone who says this is instantly pilloried by the same constituencies responsible for this situation.  They can’t acknowledge it and won’t fix it.  It is too hard to address the real causes, much easier to claim it is all “systemic racism”.  What is systemically racist is ignoring crime disproportionately committed by one race, and that is what is happening in Minnesota and elsewhere.

The charts below show the extreme difference in crime rates between black and white Minnesotans.  But African-Americans are under-represented in either arrests or convictions compared to their proportion of crimes.  Wake up indeed.

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