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How to Lie With Graphs

By June 23, 2023Commentary

This trick is particularly common among environmental and climate whackos because they know the data to support their cause is so weak or nonexistent.  Look at these two graphs courtesy of Willis Eschenbach and Watts Up With Data.  The climate terrorists are constantly berating us about ice melting and sea level rise, all of which is pure bullshit.  I recently showed the true state of affairs in Antarctica.  These graphs relate to Greenland.  The first graph was published by the whackos.  You might notice it doesn’t start at zero, in fact it is positioned in a way to make the normal seasonal loss of ice appear dramatic.  The second graph shows what happens when you start at zero–no change in 30 years.  As Willis notes, at the current rate of loss, in a mere ten thousand or more years all the ice would have melted on Greenland.  Of course by then we will be deep in the next ice age.

Always look at the X and Y axis of any graph and look for other visual tricks.

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