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A Visual Look at Our Fiscal Quandry

By June 23, 2023Commentary

I would like everyone to panic about the US’ fiscal issues, but it is too late and panic rarely helps.  Prepare for the worst is the only advice I can give.  The chart below shows in one picture how we got where we are and it is both major political parties’ fault.  At least Republicans talk about it as an issue.  Dems as usual are delusional and want to pretend that this isn’t having an negative impacts, like inflation or high interest rates.  See it and weep.

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  • Don Carrera says:

    Kevin, you must have missed it.

    When I look at your first graph, I see an AR-15 rifle pointed to the left, with bipods at the barrel end, where they belong. It’s part of the administration’s attempt to combine the deficit with gun control.

    Or it’s just a random phenomenon.

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