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A Quick Reminder About Where People Want to Live

By June 17, 2023Commentary

There are facts that just can’t be explained, or lied, in the case of Little Timmy, away.   One is that people are fleeing every progressive hellhole and going to states governed by rational Republicans.  Here is net domestic migration from July 2021 to July 2022.  The means the total population that came to a state minus those that left the state.  So Florida had a net 319,000 people come to the state, Texas had a net 231,000.  California has a negative number–343,000 people left the state, net, just in this time, a year.  New York lost a net 300,000; Illinois 142,000.  I have no clue why Gavin Newsome opens his mouth at all, unless it would to apologize to the people of his state for the mess he has made.  (ZH Post)

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