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Nation’s Biggest Liar Little Timmy Walz Has Made Minnesota a Crime Hotspot

By June 15, 2023Commentary

The Incompetent Blowhard lies every time he opens his move; he lied about everything during the epidemic, he lied about the recent budget and spending mess, he lies, lies, lies.  Partly because he is despicable human being, but largely because he can get away with it, since the Star Tribune and all the local TV stations are wholly owned arms of the DFL party and never criticize him.  Little Timmy claims he has made the Twin Cities a wonderful place to live.  Like by increasing crime at a far higher rate than most other states have experienced.  Based on the actual results achieved, Little Timmy is mostly concerned about making life better for criminals.  And he is succeeding.

The Center for the American Experiment is a great institution, based right here in Minnesota.  I encourage you to donate and help them out.  This report sets out how bad crime has gotten in Minnesota and how much worse it has gotten compared to other states.  And this does not give the full picture, because many Minnesotans have simply given up on reporting crimes, since the police don’t respond and when they do, nothing is ever resolved.  During Little Timmy’s reign of terror, crime in Minnesota has risen by over 10% on a per capita basis, while it has continued to decline in the rest of the country.  Even worse, violent crimes have increased by 36% during his benighted term in office, with an astounding 84% increase in murders and 60% rise in violent assaults.  And so on, you get the picture.

There is a reason Little Timmy Walz wanted to felons to be able to vote–they love him and all the opportunities he has created for them.  What is really hilarious is to listen to pro(re)gressives whine about how it is because of racism and lack of opportunity.  No place in their world for personal responsibility and holding people accountable for their behavior.  Nor for the dreadful impact of all their policies aimed at destroying families.     (Center Report)

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