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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 213

By June 13, 2023Commentary

According to this CDC research, over 96% of people over 16 (and likely more under that age) have some antibodies to CV-19, 47% by both infection and vaccination, 26% from vax alone and 22% from infection alone.  This indicates that almost all ongoing infections are either reinfections or breakthroughs or both, indicating limited effectiveness of both vax and prior infection and completely confounding studies of such effectiveness.  (MMWR Report)

A study from the UK finds that missed or delayed treatment of heart attack symptoms during the epidemic led to a number of avoidable deaths and worsened health.  While some are trying to blame vaccines for increased heart deaths, the research is demonstrating that it is missed care.  (EHJ Article)

Another article published by the CDC on deaths associated with CV-19.  The CDC has changed its terminology to “associated with” but still is grossly over-counting CV-19 deaths, as anyone who ever had an infection and dies gets counted, basically.  But what is interesting is the identification of a large number of such deaths in 2022 which were actually due to other causes like cancer or heart disease.   (CDC Article)

A study from Australia finds that persons who had been infected with CV-19 were less likely to become vaxed than those who had not been infected.  This points out why so many studies on effectiveness are flawed by confounding.  If you don’t know exactly who has been infected, you can’t accurately estimate the effectiveness of the vaccine, since a prior infection also produces protection against a subsequent infection.  (EID Study)

Wearing a mask for an extended time is not good for you, and since they don’t do squat to prevent the spread of viral infections like CV-19, there is no “science” at all behind mask mandates.  This study from China, while making the obligatory and unsupported claim that masks prevent infection, finds that use of N95 masks among health care workers caused increased blood pressure and heart rates and other negative biochemical changes in the body, including after mask-wearing stopped.   (JAMA Study)

A survey from Colorado finds that CV-19 infection prevalence among children was six times greater when measured by a blood test for antibodies compared to reported cases.  (EID Study)

Metformin is a widely used drug for treatment of diabetes.  It has some potential anti-viral activity and so it was tested against CV-19 and the results were very promising as it appears to greatly reduce the risk of an ER visit or hospitalization if infected.  It is also generic and very cheap, so you won’t see the drug companies pushing it.  (Medrxiv Study)

New research suggests that mRNA vaccines provoked a stronger immune response that did adenovirus vector ones because they had enhanced B memory cell production and better targeting of the receptor binding domain of the virus.  (Medrxiv Paper)




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