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More Data on Domestic Migration Patterns

By June 12, 2023Commentary

It is pretty clear that the epidemic accelerated the trend of Americans moving away from pathetically governed Dem states to low-tax, safe Rep-governed ones.  The Census Bureau data is slow to be released and subject, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics job ones, to political machinations.  Large credit card and banking firms have real time insights into the behavior, and relocations, of many consumers.  According to an analysis of this data by one such company, Bank of America, the trend of movement to better run states and cities continues into the first quarter of 2023.  It won’t stop anytime soon, as remote work has become a permanent state for many employees and as states like Florida, Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina have extremely rapid economic growth.  And we will be able to get the continued humor from Gov. Newsome bragging about how great his state is compared to Florida, as California bleeds hundreds of thousands of residents every year and its economy goes down the tubes.  (ZH Article)

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