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The Ruination of Minnesota, Continued

By June 10, 2023Commentary

I now understand that the goal of Minnesota’s whacked pro(re)gressives is to de-populate the state, letting it return to a state of nature.  They are succeeding, as population and income flee rapidly.  And the most recent legislative session is already bearing fruit, as this story reveals that the state had one of the most rapid increases in unemployment claims in the latest week.  No business in its right mind would keep jobs in Minnesota.  Ohio and California led the way, but Minnesota was close behind.  I am sure the next year will be full of all kinds of good economic news in Minnesota.  (ZH Post)

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  • Joe Lampe says:

    Thank you for the post.

    It is puzzling that the DFL is able to act in 100% lockstep on the progressive agenda.
    A tiny majority of members have been able to bulldoze the Republicans.
    Not a single DFL dissenting vote or voice in the Legislature.

    This phenomenon has happened before. As someone of German heritage I have
    always been disturbed by the fact that the Nazi narrative took over an entire country.
    The corruption started in the 1920’s, long before Adolph.

    Prior to the Covid hysteria I had never heard of Robert Malone or Matias Desmet
    and their concept of Mass Formation Psychosis. They have been ruthlessly attacked
    by the establishment. But their thesis makes sense. A society can go over the cliff like
    lemmings. We are experiencing the dismantling of our civilization and I do not see a
    path out of the insanity. Every institution of consequence has gone over to the dark side.

    I was born with an analytical personality, and had the good fortune to encounter many
    folks who mentored me. Including Kevin.

    Comment found on another blog:
    Elections are IQ tests for the governed. Too many voters are simply not serious about this
    responsibility. Their lives have been made more difficult by the policies of the Democrats
    and yet they behave as if they do not know who is responsible for their pain. We need
    the large majority of voters to be serious, critical thinkers. They are not. That is not the
    Republicans fault nor is it Trump’s fault. Elections are IQ tests and too many fail.

  • Pamela Elbers says:

    I could not have said this better! You are 100% RIGHT, yet it pains me to say it. I agree totally with you, and my mantra lately has been…GLAD I’M OLD AND LIVED MOST MY LIFE IN A MUCH BETTER TIME WHERE THE HUMAN RACE mostly FOLLOWED THEIR GOD, INSTEAD OF BEING LED BY DEMONS! Never perfect, but wonderful compared to this order of modern demon-ness! Here’s a thought. Take the word Democrat…now, swap out the letter c with the letter n, and that tells you everything you need to know about that party. Those followers sure are clueless! Another huge world reset coming, yet again. God against the rising evil. Happened before in world history. Demon just needed a reboot to recruit a new army…Humans, violent species they seem to be, aren’t very smart now, are they! At least those “certain” weak ones, and we pretty much know which ones they identify with! God knows as well!

  • Harley says:

    Remember the sketch on Saturday NIght Live many years ago where Steve Martin was “Theodoric of York”, some middle ages practitioner. Every ailment was treated with a blood letting. The state legislature in Minnesota operates in similar way.

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