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Racism Is a Problem, Whoever It Comes From

By June 4, 2023Commentary

The DEI campaign, along with fake climate change, the leading ideological makeover pushed by the pro(re)gressives, has made every aspect of American life worse, by heightening people’s awareness of certain immutable characteristics such as sex, skin color and age; and using that as the basis for everything in life–every decision that gets made, every consequence that anyone endures must be related to those characteristics.  And then you decide that people with certain of these characteristics have been “disadvantaged” and must be simply given anything and everything they want; and others have been “oppressors” and they should be punished and get nothing.  Why can’t we all just get along indeed.

So we have tons of young people and other ignorant clods who spout this ideological garbage and go about worsening our society and relationships between various groups.  No one could reasonably say that things have gotten better; that we feel more unified or more respected as individuals.  Nope, we are just lumps of immutable characteristics.  And we are made more stupid.  This poll, from a group I have to like called the Skeptic Research Center, indicates just how dumbed down education is in this country.  The polls they do reveal just how stupid and racist some groups are in America.  (SRC Poll)

Among the myths spread by both whacked environmentalists and the racist DEI types is that indigenous people in any given region were nature-respecting, peace-loving people.  This is frequently applied to native Americans, who routinely engaged in genocide against other tribes and who practiced such environmentally friendly practices as clear cutting or burning forests for agriculture.  Humans are humans.  But as the poll indicates, many Americans, especially those inclined to be pro(re)gressive aren’t being taught the truth about the behavior of certain groups of people, because they were “oppressed” so couldn’t possibly have been involved in any unpleasant actions.  And DEI spreads hopelessness, reflected in the common belief that our society is too racist for some groups to succeed.  And they express racist, stereotyping views of white people and other races.

And here is an all too typical example of what comes from people put into these destructive DEI jobs.  They are racists to begin with and they see their job as being to make, and force the organizations they work for to make, decisions based on anything other than ability, experience, knowledge, skills.  They spread disunity, suspicion and outright hatred throughout a work place or organization.  This woman engaged in despicable racist conduct, but was left in her job for an extended time until her actions finally came to public attention.  This is not isolated, it is common.  The best thing any company or institution can do is fire everyone in a DEI job.  When you hire sexists, ageists, racists; you will get discriminatory behavior.  (ZH Article)

No one in their right mind could say that what is happening in the US today has made us a better country.  We have a complete lack of personal responsibility, mirrored by constant blaming of other groups for any personal failures.  Distrust and division among groups has never been higher.  We have a newly empowered group of DEI dunces who feel empowered to be blatantly racist.  And I will say again, countries like Russia and China and our other adversaries push this destructive swill through social media and through financial support of organizations that advance it.  We need to undertake a massive investigation to uncover all of this malign influence and put an end to it.  They are successfully defeating us in a way they never could through open economic or military competition.  And they are making us look like fools on the world stage.  And we are fools for allowing this beserk ideology to even exist, much less be the prevailing view in many places.

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