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More Environmental Misinformation

By June 3, 2023Commentary

It is hard to keep up with all the outright lies the environmental extremists tell (not sure there are any non-extreme environmentalists anymore), but I will do my best.  Aided by the media, all the public sees are these lies.  At some point, and maybe it is starting to happen, the US public will get tired of all the false terrorizing that never comes true, and stop believing the garbage, as has begun to occur in Europe.  In any event, here are just a few pieces of recent research undermining the fear-mongering.

We are told that because of global warming we have to switch to renewable energy and it will be both more reliable, less expensive and more environmentally friendly.  All four components of that are false.  There is no unprecedented runaway global warming; renewable energy is far more expensive than fossil fuels; far less reliable (the US grid regulator has warned that the closing of fossil fuel power plants has destablized the grid, with blackouts likely) and creates a whole new universe of environmental damage, including from mining, manufacturing and disposal of the equipment.

As usual, this Watts Up With That post gives us the truth, and Minnesotans should pay attention because what is happening in California, which has the most expensive electricity in the US, and New England, is coming here soon.   Electricity and gas bills in New England this winter averaged over $1000 a home.  Sound cheap to you?  Gas, which is still used in many homes in the Northeast, is unnecessarily expensive because the states have blocked new pipelines, so they have to import gas, often from overseas.  And they are in the process of trying to go 100% renewable, which means electricity prices are now second only to California and Hawaii.   And its one, two, three, don’t ask me what I’m freezing for.  Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn.  Well there ain’t no time to wonder why.  Whoopee, we’re all goin’ to freeze.    That is the motto of the whacko environmentalists.  (WUWT Post)

These miserable masochists won’t be happy until they ruin every aspect of our lives.  They are working on food now.  Billionaire John Kerry is telling US farmers to stop growing food to save the planet.  Scumbag is too kind a word for him.  Turns out that fake meat is worse for the environment than growing natural meat.  Don’t worry, the whackos response to that will be “let them eat bugs” or their truly preferred solution–just don’t eat anything and starve to death.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And I have posted before on the line of research that demonstrates that wind farms have detrimental weather, and in the long-term, climate impacts.  I strongly suspect the same of solar farms.  Of course the billionaires getting rich on renewable subsidies and their toady politicians try to do everything they can to prevent this kind of research.  WUWT gives us the scoop on studies from Germany suggesting that wind farms are contributing to drought in the country.  (WUWT Post)

There is more truth, so much more, if you look.  Don’t let the whackos ruin your quality of life.

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