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Whacko Progressives Really Are Violent Authoritarians

By May 30, 2023Commentary

Anyone who follows the news knows that the title of this post is accurate.  Astoundingly, science is beginning to catch up.  Here is a recent study of Antifa-type progressives.  These are seriously mal-adjusted, disturbed people, who take out their dysfunction on society.  In short, these totalitarian nuts are highly narcissistic, that is they only care about what they think and feel, they have no empathy and consequently think violence towards those they disagree with is completely justified.  I would go further and say that violence is a reflection of the lack of meaning in their lives, so they want to tear everything and everyone down.  While our current demented president focuses on mythic right-wing threats to democracy, progressives are actively burning down cities, destroying downtowns and assaulting those who hold different views.  We need strong law enforcement that puts these nuts in jail for very, very long sentences to protect society from their nihilism.  (CP Article)

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