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Some Quick Climate News

By May 29, 2023Commentary

If you want better info about what really is happening with climate, read Whats Up With That and the associated research and check out Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog as well.  I just summarize what I pick up there or what I read from Nature, Science or a couple of other journals.  Here are a couple of recent posts that caught my eye.  In the first, the authors note the lack of correlation between CO2 levels and temperature over most of the Earth’s surface.  Since the war on fossil fuels is predicated on this supposed relationship, it is not based on fact.  The impact of a change in CO2 levels on climate is in fact quite complex and the relationship may be that a warming world leads to more CO2.  Since the Earth has had higher CO2 levels in the past and still managed to enter Ice Ages, there is no reason to imagine that CO2 is leading to runaway warming.   (WUWT Post)

And in another post, recent research regarding the Arctic is summarized.  Turns out, no surprise, that the Arctic was warmer than it is now 10,000 years ago, and likely had no ice in summer.  Al Gore has been predicting an ice free Arctic for 50 years and because he is a dunce, has been consistently wrong, but has managed to make billions of dollars in government subsidies due to his lies on the subject.  Of course, the authors of the research have to thrown in alarmist language about an impending ice-free Arctic, but I wouldn’t buy it.  I suspect we are experiencing a periodic last throes of warmth in the current interglacial period and with a few decades likely will be seeing the onset of more cooling.  Good luck when that happens.  (WUWT Post)

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