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Remembering Those Who Truly Sacrificed

By May 29, 2023Commentary

If you believe the polls, and I do, adolescents and young adults in this country have zero appreciation for its history, its purpose, its meaning.  They do not understand how blessed they were to be born into or to come to the wealthiest country in the world and the one that used to have the greatest freedom to live your life as you see fit.  They have been indoctrinated with leftist crap their entire lives and actually believe that we are a bad country.  Every one of these undeserving twerps should be forced to serve in the military for a spell and then forced to go live in a country like China, Russia, or Iran for a few years.  Give them a sense of reality and maybe a little gratitude for their nation.

This weekend is an opportunity for all of us to remember that are are millions who served this country, usually to protect not just its citizens but those in other countries.  Many of these people suffered serious physical and mental harm or died. So let us all go out of our way to help those who helped us stay free.  And let us have a little humility and a little pride about how fortunate we are to live in this country.

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