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Expect More of This

By May 29, 2023Commentary

As Minnesota official policy because loonier and loonier, expect more mental illness among all age groups, but especially the young who are being targeted, and more suicides.  The Minnesota Department of Health, which is currently led by a racist who promotes policies to make young people more depressed and anxious, issues a report expressing concern about the level of suicides in the state.  What?  Not enough people killing themselves to demonstrate that your policies are working?  Over the last 20 years, the suicide rate has increased by 40%, and 835 killed themselves in 2022, according to preliminary data.  Which political party has been in charge for almost all of those years?

There was a startling rise in suicides among the oldest Minnesotans in 2022, probably due to despair over the changes they have seen in the state and country over their lifetimes.  And in a startling display of inequity, which I am sure DOH is working to reverse, African Americans have the lowest suicide rate, less than half that of white people.  Of course, DOH’s solution will be to raise the African American rate, not lower the white one.  This isn’t a joking topic to me, however cavalier the text may seem.  I think suicides are understated because many listed drug overdoses are not accidental but intentional.  It is a tragic loss of human potential.  And I definitely mean it when I say government policies are largely to blame–failure to provide meaning and purpose to life, constant whacko indoctrination and fear-mongering.  It is enough to drive anyone crazy and it does.  (DOH Report)

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