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The Ruination of Minnesota Continued

By May 25, 2023Commentary

Minnesota was already losing working age population and taxable income before the looney tunes left took over state government and went on a rampage of spending and taxing.  Although the state refuses to release the numbers, in 2022, it undoubtedly lost even more taxable income and 2023 and 2024 will see an absolute exodus.  One prominent businessman, who ran a very successful medical device company that brought hundreds of high-paying jobs to Minnesota and invested in others, wrote an op-ed in the StarTribune, our local toilet paper dispensary, saying that Minnesota nice had turned to Minnesota nuts (he is being kind) and he was changing his residency to Florida.  You should read this piece to understand what is happening here and the implications for the state budget.  (Strib Op-ed)    It is likely paywalled so you can also read Scott Johnson’s excellent post with much of the column here.  (PL Post)

By coincidence I had lunch with a neighbor yesterday, who mentioned several people in our pretty-well-off neighborhood who have recently changed residency out of Minnesota, all to Florida.  All are very wealthy, usually business owners.  They are taking jobs and taxable income with them.  Our joke of a Governor says that all the new legislation will attract young workers and families to Minnesota, but the census data shows that the biggest group leaving Minnesota is young working adults.  Why pay high taxes and have your kids indoctrinated and sexually mutilated when you can go to Florida or Texas?

It is not wishful thinking or doomsday analysis when I say that Minnesota is going to be in a world of financial hurt within a year.  And the whackos response will be?  You got it, raise taxes even more.

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  • Brad says:

    Get out while you can and come down here to Iowa where we have a Republican super-majority. We have a budget surplus, school choice and the freedoms that you used to have up there. No, we don’t have all the lakes but you can keep the money you earned and breathe free.

  • Joe Lampe says:

    see Money and Good Intentions Are Not Enough by liberal John Brandl

  • DuluthGuy says:

    I know several younger families that have moved to Texas, Florida, and also Tennessee over the past few years. Most of them work remote and can just work the same job they were doing here from down there. All of them are very happy with their move so far. One who moved to the Orlando area said the only drawback has been that schools are overcrowded due to everyone from the Midwest and Northeast moving there. They are building new schools as quickly as they can, but not quickly enough. At the same time, this person said that one of his kids has struggled in math, as the rest of the class was basically a grade ahead of him. So much for the leftists up here in MN claiming we have the best public schools in the country. I’d join them down there, but simply can’t stand hot weather for more than 2-3 weeks at a time.

  • Barb says:

    Read the online “comments” for Howard’s piece. These people are uniformed, hateful and not too bright. They are the voters keeping these politicians in power. They will never understand or admit the reality of our state.

  • SteveD says:

    Sorry to hear this. It sounds like a death spiral.

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