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Time to Stop the Systemic Discrimination Nonsense

By May 23, 2023Commentary

The reality today is that all the supposedly discriminated-against groups are now largely discriminated in favor of.  Women are way over half the accepted students at undergraduate college and at almost every professional graduate degree program.  If you just go by the numbers, young men are clearly being discriminated against and have no equity.  The same is true in every meaningful sphere of work.  If you have the right skin color you can get anything free and will get into college even if you are completely unqualified.

One of the last areas in which there supposedly is discrimination against women was the sciences.  In this interesting study in which one of the authors was one of the loudest complainers, the results are not what she expected.  In fact, in most of the arenas studied, women in science were doing as well or better than men.  Here is the real question, do women who make decisions in these areas behave in any less discriminatory fashion than men.  I think not, I think we will find that women are as irrational, as biased, as prone to favoring one’s own tribe as men.  And therefore, as in need of self-awareness of those biases and of a dedication to avoiding acting on them.

Really worth reading the introduction to get a somewhat transparent look at what goes on in academic research.  (Sage Study)

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  • Gregory Fink says:

    Superb, balanced and well-justified analysis. And the findings of the review square perfectly with the experiences (both past and present) of all of us (the honest ones anyway) who have been lucky enough to spend our careers in academic science.

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