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Maybe Natural Cycles Cause Climate Variation–Nah That Can’t Be

By May 23, 2023Commentary

The greatest perversion of science in my lifetime, and there have been many of them, has been in regard to so-called climate science.  The perpetrators of the crime routinely ignore data they don’t like, adjust raw data until they get what they want, build nonsense models, and attribute even a daily change in weather to fossil fuels or cow farts.  In reality it is completely unproven that CO2 is the primary mover of climate, rather the atmospheric level appears to be the result of other changes.  The reality is that the climate has shown immense variation over short and long scales, the most extreme example being the relatively recent oscillation between long periods of extensive glaciation, the Ice Ages, and brief periods of warmth between those Ice Ages.  There is no reason to believe that the Earth is out of the Ice Age cycles, and we are deep into the interglacial period, so we really should be thinking about what happens to humans when the next Ice Age arrives, which tends to happen quite quickly.

This paper by Japanese researchers, who haven’t been as infected by ideology as American ones have, gives a good look at factors driving the climate cycles and why the length of those cycles did change a few million years ago, and how it could change again in the future.  Here is a hint:  it is all about the sun and Earth’s orbit around the sun, which varies in several parameters over time.  It is buried in the very technical text, but it appears that CO2 levels have little to do with the large-scale climate changes.   (Nature Article)

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  • Ann in L.A. says:

    The damage this is doing is immense. We are strip-mining China, using children for mining in Africa, looking the other way at Chinese slave labor, destroying animal habitats by converting massive amounts of natural and semi-natural grassland and desert areas to renewable solar and wind farms, destroying farms and industries, attempting to condemn billions to poverty, and creating massive amounts of future hazardous waste filled with toxic chemicals.

    All for nothing.

    Future generations will look back and curse us for what we’ve done.

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