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The Ruination of Minnesota

By May 21, 2023Commentary

We have been on a long downslide in this state, driven by eight years of Dayton and Dem domination, followed by the Walz insanity, which was dammed up by a Republican Senate for a short time, but was fully let loose in this session.  I used to think that supposed progressives, who as I keep saying, are actually deeply regressive in their policies, can’t be so stupid as to not understand the consequences of their policies, but now I must acknowledge that they are both deeply stupid, not ignorant, stupid as in unintelligent, and they really don’t give a shit about the effect.  As long as their actions comport with their ideology, they could care less what the impact is on people’s quality of life.  And of course, they make sure that they personally keep skimming off more and more taxpayer money and find new ways to cheat in elections so they win no matter how unsatisfied the populace is.

This session is simply unbelievable.  You would not think that any place outside of California could be so insane.  And California is such a great example, losing millions of residents and tens of thousands of jobs, going from a huge budget surplus to a massive deficit in one year.  Apparently the progressives think this is a good model for Minnesota.  All these actions were taken not only without Republican votes, but with the denial of any opportunity for input or consideration of views other than those of the most extreme progressive ideologues.  In particular, the outstate, which is the vast majority of Minnesota’s territory and an equivalent amount of its population, was completely disregarded and only the interests of the nuts still living in Minneapolis and St. Paul were accounted for.

Hard to catalog all the crazy laws passed and the inevitable consequences of them, but here is a start and the highlights.

1.  Raised spending by 40% in this two-year period versus the last one.  You read that right, a 40% increase in spending.  The state’s economy isn’t even growing by a tenth of that.  Residents’ income isn’t growing by a tenth of that.  We had a $17 billion surplus due to ludicrous federal epidemic spending and they wasted every bit of it.  And then to top it off, they raised taxes, including taxes that hit the average person like gas taxes, sales taxes and license fees, by billions of dollars.  Put new mandates on businesses of all types, but including a very expensive paid leave and sick leave benefit.  Here are the consequences, which actually will begin hitting immediately.  More and more high-income Minnesotans will leave the state.  Many businesses will close and fewer will open.  By the end of this year, Minnesota will have a deficit to all the mandated spending and by the end of 2024 we will be in a huge deficit.  Corporate tax and sales tax collections have already begun to decline.  The impending recession will make the deficit even worse.

2.  Mandated the elimination of coal, gas and nuclear generated power in Minnesota, leaving us at the mercy of unreliable and expensive wind and solar.  We laid out in a series of posts how dangerous and literally impossible this mandate is.  We are going to have blackouts and we will join California in having the most expensive electricity in the country.  Within three to four years bills will double.

3.  Pass a public safety bill that as usual with progressives is the exact opposite of what it says.  The bill lets murderers and other dangerous criminals out of jail faster.  It encourages using the skin color of a criminal to lessen their penalty or even their likelihood of being arrested and convicted.  It does nothing to address the problem of criminal gangs who among other things, deal drugs that kill millions of Minnesotans every year.  It does nothing to address the incredible problem of crime in minority communities.

4.  Passed a recreational marijuana bill that will lead to more serious mental illness among young people and accidental, or intentional poisonings of children by edibles.  Today’s marijuana is incredibly potent, it is addictive, and it causes schizophrenia among young people.  There is no question about this now.  Doctors begged the legislature not to pass this law, but the contributions from the industry were more important to Dems.

5.  Passed the most racist legislation ever, both in text and amount.  They literally are mandating racist education, demeaning certain races.  They are requiring that people be treated differently according to their skin color in all spheres of life.  If you are part of a favor skin color, all your sins and transgressions will be ignored and you will just be given everything, regardless of your ability, experience, knowledge or skill.  If you are a disfavored class you will have opportunity taken away from you regardless of your ability, experience, knowledge or skill.  Progressives are the racists, plain and simple, racist to the core.

6.  Passed legislation to further facilitate already rampant Dem cheating and fraud in elections.  They routinely make up votes, have illegal immigrants vote, and commit other fraud.  The new laws legalize this.  They hope this will allow them to stay in power notwithstanding the coming horrific consequences of the laws they just passed.

7.  Continued their war on children by mandating a racist education.  Passed an abortion bill worse than North Korea’s, allowing the killing of viable babies, including after they are born, and removing any possibility of penalties for this murder.  There is no excuse for aborting viable babies, and the US is unique among Western democracies in having states that permit that.  A woman knows she is pregnant by the time a baby is viable and if she didn’t abort it by then, it is too late, barring a true health of the mother or baby issue.  This is a sickening degradation of the value of life, but this is just one of the core principles of the progressive movement.  Their lives are meaningless pieces of junk, so they think everyone’s should be.  And even worse for our children, they made it clear that parents have no rights in regard to what happens to their children.  Most obviously this occurred in regard to the horrendous sexual mutilation bill.  These complete nuts think it is fine to take young children and remove their sexual organs.  There are no words to describe how despicable this is and those who advocate it and practice it should be criminally prosecuted and spend their lives in jail.

This list is just a start, there is lots more craziness, too much to catalog.  All of Minnesota will be a hellhole like Minneapolis and St. Paul if progressives have their way.

Republicans in Minnesota need to keep the Dem example firmly in mind.  If they regain even one arm of the state policy-making machinery–the House, the Senate, the Governorship–nothing, absolutely nothing should pass until every one of the actions unilaterally taken in this session is completely reversed.  No Dem input should be considered or allowed, just as was done to Reps during this session.  We don’t need to hear from lunatics.  Reps must be ruthless and relentless in turning the state back down a road of fiscal responsibility and away from racism, destruction of parents’ rights and general insanity.  Ruthless and relentless is the motto.  Anything less means the continued decline of quality of life in a state that once actually was pretty good.

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