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But They Told Us There Would Be No More Snow!!

By May 21, 2023Commentary

Like all groups comprising the whacked pro(re)gressive movement, the extreme environmentalists who think the population of Earth should be reduced to them and three other people and they should live as we did in the Stone Age lie constantly.  They simply make stuff up and with the aid of a compliant, even eager, media, the lies spread as though they were true.  One lie was that because the Earth was warming so fast, children would not know what snow is.  Places like Greenland were hyped as the showcase for disappearing snow.  Maybe they meant children wouldn’t know because education would be so bad and would routinely include climate ideology.  In any event, as usual Willis Eschenbach, writing at Watts Up With That, digs into the data and debunks the bullshit.

Turns out there is actually more snow in Greenland.  More months when the entire large island is covered in snow, and greater surface cover over the entirety of the year.  In fact, the 1970s appear to have been the low point for snow cover and it has steadily increased since then.  The minimum amount of Greenland covered by snow in summer months has also been declining.  Snow seems to be doing just fine.  And of course, snow is the raw material for ice and the ice sheets would cover much of Greenland.  Those ice sheets are unlikely to be disappearing anytime soon either.  But don’t expect to read about this is any mainstream media outlet, they are too busy pimping lies and ideology.  (WUWT Post)

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  • Allen Koivisto says:

    Relatedly, here near Duluth we saw record snowfall this past winter, and Lake Superior is set to exceed all time height. Fifteen years ago, climate doom and gloomists declared the level was falling so much that shipping would cease.

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