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A Little Energy and A Little Climate

By May 8, 2023Commentary

I hope you all will read some of the sites I crib material from.  It makes my posts redundant but it will help you develop and in-depth understanding of the issues.  And I try to add my own perspective and commentary.  The first item today relates to the series of posts involving work by Dave Dixon on Minnesota’s truly crazy renewables mandate which if enforced will mean blackouts and extremely highly priced electricity.  Now the country’s energy regulator is warning that national electricity grid and fragile and unprepared for the supposed transition to renewables.  The issue relates both to the quantity of power available and the nature of the sources.  We are moving from a realtively small number of very reliable, very steady output capacity sources to a huge number of intermittent sources with high nameplate capacity, but very low real-life output.  All these new sources need to be connected to the grid and to have their power inputs managed appropriately so as not to cause grid failure.  It ain’t gonna happen.  The grid will crash, and it will be one more reason we all will be living without electricity at times.  And paying through the nose for what we do get.  But you will be cheered to know that one of the energy commissioner’s top priorities is “environmental justice”, whatever that means.  (ZH Post)

And wind power in most states is the most likely source of so-called green energy, which in reality is expensive, unreliable and environmentally damaging.  Since the pretext for all this money transfer to rich renewable energy investors is non-existent fossil fuel caused climate change, one hilarious aspect, as I have reported on before, is that wind farms, on sea and on land, change the weather and climate in ways that are not beneficial.  The underlying studies cited in this post are in German or I would read them and analyze directly, but according to the post, researchers suspect that all the wind farms in Germany are contributing to, if not causing, drought in the country.  I don’t how any supposed scientist could not imagine that interfering with wind patterns across huge expanses of land would not change weather and climate.  But it is really all about money, and those rich investors will stop at nothing to get it.  They could care less about science, truth or the public.  (WUMT Post)

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  • John Sernett - Prior Lake Minnesota says:

    regarding the topic of pertinent accurate reading material on the subject of climate change and energy, I highly suggest the book “Fossil Future” by Alex Epstein..
    I just finished reading it (it is 400 pages and a bit redundant) but it is by far the best book on the subject that I have ever read. Highly recommended reading.

  • Robert Geist MD says:

    Re: what happens when policy makers think that fossil fuels can be replaced by some year ending in 0 or 5.

    Read: Smil V. How the world really works.. Viking, London 2022: 54, 81-82. A reality check by a Canadian scientist. Without fossil fuels, 1/2 the worlds population could die.

    Bob Geist

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