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More Climate Nonsense Debunked

By May 5, 2023Commentary

I might just start a series on this.  Climate “science” isn’t.  It is objective driven model-building, data-twisting, and lie-telling, to support rich people getting big subsidies for so-called renewable energy.  One of the lies spread is that we are enduring a massive sea level rise which will swamp cities and coastlines and that this rise is accelerating.  These claims are based on, you guessed it, models.  Fortunately, there are still a few independent thinkers left who have the mathematical and other skills to understand the falsity of these models.  Two recent columns at Watts Up With That, which you should read if you want to get an independent view on climate bullshit, demonstrate that sea level rise is very minor and is not only not accelerating but may be either cyclical or declining.

As background, since the last ice age, which ended about 12,000 years ago, ice has been melting, seas rising and human civilization evolved and boomed.  Thank God for warmth.  As we are still in the interglacial period, although near the end of it, we continue to experience some sea level rise, which is coupled with subsidence of land in some coastal areas.  But there is no evidence that cities are in any danger of going under water.  Sea level rise is at most a couple of millimeters a year, but varies significantly over longer stretches of time, so maybe a few inches every hundred years or so.  These columns deconstruct the bad models which predict the worst.  (WUWT Column)    (WUWT Column)

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  • Bob Longstreet says:

    I thoroughly agree with your comments; however you need to correct a math error. Sea level is supposedly rising at a little over 3 mm per year which is 0.118 inches per year which is about 12″ per 100 years which is still not a problem.

  • Mark says:

    New column series: ClimSciNonsense

  • Rob says:

    Most blue cities are underwater. Look at their debt loads and failing pensions.

    Oh, different “climate”. My bad.

  • Chris W says:

    Yes, please do the series.

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