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Our Children Aren’t Learning History Either

By May 4, 2023Commentary

Yesterday I posted data about how few K-12 students have any proficiency in civics.  Today, we will see the same thing in regard to history.  As I pointed out yesterday, the teachers being cranked out by woke universities are incompetent to teach anything other than idiotic ideologies.  They literally don’t know how to teach and don’t know the subjects they are supposed to teach.  So not surprising that educational attainment is declining.  And even less surprising that we see a movement by the Dems to stop testing and to stop measuring whether students are learning anything, other than the importance of voting for Dems.  This movement undermines our entire economy, which is part of the objective, and why China and Russia surreptitiously support the groups pushing this lunacy.

But I digress slightly.  The most recent data on whether students have any level of proficiency in history, kind of an important topic for developing an informed and engaged citizenry, show that only 13% of students are proficient in US history.  40% don’t even meet the extremely easy standard of basic knowledge.    A big hooray for the Dems who want to destroy education–they are succeeding.  (NAEP Report)

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