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How Bad Can Our Education System Get?

By May 3, 2023Commentary

Here is a depressing web site.  (NCES)   It collects data on educational attainment in the US.  Anyone who pays attention knows that K-12 schools have become ideological hotbeds for the whacked progressive movement.  Students can’t read, write, do math, or understand science; but by God (oops, not ever supposed to refer to him or her) they know the earth is burning up and all life will soon disappear, white people are all horrible racists, there are 487 genders, and other staples of the Dem party.  The reason for this mis-education is to ensure that the Dem party stays in power and teachers are grossly overpaid so they can recycle compensation into Dem contributions.  Meanwhile the country faces an emerging work force which has no work ethic and none of the knowledge needed to power an economy that delivers better quality of life for citizens.

Please look at the report on civics education.  It is notable for two things.  One is that only 20% of 8th grade students are fully proficient in civics.  No surprise, since this has been an area of focus for ideological indoctrination efforts.  But more interesting, look at some of the questions.  The questions, which are obviously designed to see how much students retained of what they were taught, reflect the ideological bent of civics education.  And also note that African-Americans perform particularly poorly.  For all the money that is being spent on improving minority educational attainment, the results are very bad.  Public education needs a complete overall, starting with dismantling teachers’ unions, completely reforming teacher education and licensing, and refocusing on the basics.  And finding a more effective method to help minorities.

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